Creative Direction / Art Direction: Scott Lawson
Creative Direction / Copywriting: Ross Lowinske

HEADLINE: WHO AM I? Does anyone really know?
BODY COPY: This question keeps you awake at night and distracts you in the day. Not so much us. We've got our footing. So, who are we? We can tell you who we're not. A bank. A big stinking I only want your money bank. Why not find out more about who you are in us?
TAGLINE: Matter.

HEADLINE: THE MAN. The man wants to squash you.
BODY COPY: The man wants to hold you back. The man says he wants to help - not you, himself. The man makes money off you. The man points you in the wrong direction, then laughs as you get lost. The man has a bottom line. His. So, who exactly is the man? Your friendly monolithic corporate bank. Maybe it's time you tried something new. Have you met us?
TAGLINE: Matter.

HEADLINE: GIVE UP. Why bother? You don't matter.
BODY COPY: What's it all about? Why be? Stop caring. That's what banks want you to do. Even though they say otherwise, to them, you're just money. A stupid number. Not a person. Maybe you're comfortable with no security and a large corporation taking advantage of you. Or maybe you're not. So what can you do?
TAGLINE: Matter.

This kiosk traveled to various college campuses with volunteers and UFCU employees, introducing themselves and educating students to the differences between banks and credit unions. The students were encouraged to enter the kiosk and share some of their financial experiences. These were recorded and uploaded onto a microsite, where students could vote on their favorites and win prizes.

Branding support materials that accompanied the traveling kiosk. The students were given t-shirts and encouraged to decorate them with things that matter to them. The shirts attracted more students to the kiosk and we ran out at every location the kiosk traveled to.
This video was shared internally with UFCU management and employees to launch the new campaign and explain the importance of attracting this new demographic.
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